MLCPL has broadly two divisions:
A) Services B) System Integration
Service Division
The Tele-Communication service team provides designing, implementation and commissioning services for the telecom operators (mobile operators and service provider) throughout the country, specializing in Electrical and BTS installation. MLCPL in the recent past has joined hands with Indian Telecom Companies to expedite the deployment and to use the local resources under the expertise of our Engineers and to take up the works immediately. We are interested in commissioning and installation services for any kind of Telecom Operator, Vendor or Service provider (Government, Private or multinational) in large scale at agreeable terms and conditions of the customers.

We have offered our services successfully to a large number of Indian telecom operators in the various aspects of Installation and Commissioning.
MLCPL can value add to the projects and help the client to achieve the goals and has the ability to comply with the requisites and integrate seamlessly in harmony with the Client Team.

We can see through Customer requirements, and supply the skills that can help achieve goals. Our Engineers can work as a part of a Customer’s team to do the initial Network Designs, Implementation Planning, Site Surveys and Layouts, Deployment and Monitoring and Maintenance. We can deploy experts for New Project rollout or expansion/overlay of existing set-up, Optimize the existing set-up to meet your Performance Objectives.

We have been doing this for many of our Clients and our long-term Project relationships speak for the QUALITY of Skills supplied by MLCPL Strengths is in:
Turn Key projects in Telecommunications, Installation and commissioning.
Equipment Maintenance and testing development.
Turnkey project co-ordination – the Customer can avoid having to invoice and co-ordinate with separate vendors
System Integration Division
MLCPL has vast expertise in setting up terrestrial telecommunication networks based on: Digital Microwave Radios, Optical Fiber Networks, Leased and switched public networks, VSAT, RF Survey
MLCPL offers state-of-the-art services for setting up telecommunication networks:
Project Management
System Integration
Installation and commissioning
Project Implementation
Operation and Maintenance

As the network bandwidth requirement for most organizations and customers is increasing rapidly. Video transmission requirement are also contributing towards enhanced bandwidth requirements. This has led to a high demand and rapid deployment of heterogeneous networking solutions, including wireless and satellite based high bandwidth transmissions along with wire-line networks. We offer end to end network solutions to such customers. We are having expertise in wire-line, wireless, Satellite, mobile & fixed network deployment and possess expertise across the country for installation and maintenance support. Basic Applications: RF Survey,TND,Drive Test, Network Installation,Electrical,Civil, Shelter Installation & Commissioning of GSM & CDMA Mobile Networks We design and implement communication networks that not only function better than other networks, they adapt easily to the user’s specific requirements.

Our Engineers work as part of the team of the Clients or assigned to represent the Client as front-line experts to help execute their telecom infrastructure rollout Plans and meet the deadlines. MLCPL prides itself with Engineers who have been assigned the Lead role in a number of Projects implemented for various clients. We also pride ourselves in having worked with their Objectives as our Vision and established benchmarks in whatever we have done thus developing long-term relations with the Companies we have worked with.

Our strength in executing Long-term projects has benefited Clients not only by developing mutual goals but also achieving them with a prior commitment.

Key Features:
MLCPL System Integration division offer cutting-edge solution for complex Network configurations:
Highly resistant network design to minimize downtime.
Voice & data transmission with quality of Services.
Cost effective network solution.
Hybrid Network Deployment & Management.
After sales support facility all over country.
Network Management services.
A permanent internal audit team for inspection of projects, implementation and management.

We have executed a number of MW, Assemble Hope,BB/PP, Electrical upgradation of various Telecom company, BTS Commissioning, Huwaei BTS & VSWR RF Survey, work experience with MLCPL in India. The networks set up by us are sophisticated and involve integration of multiple equipment / systems with common numbering schemes between their existing communication by us for a seamless network and the network set up operation.